A Guide To Fasting Thailand

These days, particularly among the Hollywood fraternity, detox diets are becoming increasingly popular among people. Some of these diets tend to be much more time-consuming, exhausting, and grueling, while some are much easier to follow. Starting with your kitchen pantry itself is the best way to start. Below are some simple yet effective detoxification strategies that can help you a lot to reduce your weight and in 7-10 days as well. fasting Thailand

Water and Lemon Drinking about 12 oz warm water is the first thing you should do in the morning. But don’t forget to add into that water a few drops of fresh lemon. In stimulating the liver, lemon is very effective in removing all sorts of toxins from the body. It also helps to move all the roughage that has been trapped in your intestine elsewhere. Through taking probiotics or acidophilus on your empty stomach, you can further step up the detoxification cycle.

Meal You can consume only the meal consisting of foods designed to assist the detoxification process. You can use brown rice, cereal bran or other whole grains easily as long as they are unbleached and have no additives or added sugar. You can also drink fat-free and unflavored soy milk from organic milk. You should eat any mix of brown ice, potatoes, organic chicken, beans, soy products, oat bran and turkey to optimize the impact of detoxification on your weight.

But don’t eat without determining how the various combinations impact your weight loss goal. Upon finishing your meal, you need to change your mixture if you don’t feel satisfied and quite energized. On the other hand, if after finishing your meal you feel sluggish and exhausted, you should cut down on the size of your meals immediately. Never overload the digestive system as it can affect detoxification negatively.

Going Green You must eat multiple portions of green leafy vegetables during your meals to improve detoxification and weight loss processes. Leafy green vegetables improve the body’s entire system. For instance: increased production of red blood cells and improved detoxification, oxygenation and circulation. If you don’t like salads, the vegetables can be fried or the juice can be extracted from them. Nonetheless, eating them raw is the best way.

If you want, the raw vegetables can also be sweetened with apple cuttings. You can also purchase your vegetable juices from the store, you need to buy them to make sure they have no added salt or synthetic chemicals. Cabbage Cucumber Spinach Parsley Celery Carrots